All Aboard!

Living History

In September of 2002, Earl F. Benedict came to Skagway by cruise ship and rode the White Pass & Yukon Route for the first time. He was retracing the steps of his grandfather, who worked for the WP&YR more than a hundred years ago.

While reading the All Aboard magazine, he saw a photo of his grandfather which he had seen in his family's photo albums! After the train ride, Earl came into the WP&YR offices to share his stories and memories.
Upon returning home, Earl reviewed some of the historical artifacts in his possession and made copies of rare photos and documents for the WP&YR.

Earl Benedict's visit to Skagway began a new relationship that helps celebrate the living history of the WP&YR!

John Call Benedict, engineer,
stops for a photo with
Steam Engine No. 5 in 1900.